Mecha Lord
Shc monster 104
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 6380
MP 555
Location Azabu Kamiyashiki
Element Water
  • Attack
  • Power Cannon
EXP Gained 50,000
Souls Gained 280
Cash 48,000
  • Ashra's Earring
  • Seal of Force

Boss in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Bestiary EntryEdit

Giant Mecha Warrior. Usually hidden beneath the park, it responds only to Lt. Col. Tereda's summons. He goes swiftly to wherever battle looms.


The Japanese name, "機動兵器・神無月" (Kidō-heiki: Kannazuki), gives it the full designation, "Mobile Weapon Platform: Kannazuki".

"Kannazuki" being the traditional name for the 10th month of the Japanese calender.