Master Cylinder
Shc monster 090
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 5040
MP 520
Location Hojo Research Lab
Element Earth
  • Cannon
  • Super Rotation
  • Dissolve (Instant Death attack)
EXP Gained 29000
Souls Gained 240
Cash 39000
  • Priest Earrings
  • Lottery Ticket

Boss in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Bestiary EntryEdit

Dr. Hojo's own fighting machine. Handsomely made and decked out with the latest in weapon technology, it's a true masterpiece of design.


The Japanese name (and present on the cylinder itself), is "富嶽", (Fugaku), meaning "Mount Fuji", a name that was also going be to given to a planned (but unproduced) military Japanese WWII aircraft - the Nakajima G10N Fugaku, following the trend of the Iron soldiers being named after WWII-era military craft.