Mary Vermont

Mother to Joshua Vermont. She loves her child dearly, and aids him and Koudelka even from beyond the grave.

Formally Violet She was a high-class prostitute, well liked, and respected by her fellow prostitutes. Using some of the wealth she acquired, she brought a pub, Club Mary, as a place for her fellow prostitutes to work safely and for them to live.

She unfortunately died of a nameless, but fatal venereal disease before the story's beginning. Determined to spend time with her child she left London, and they bought and moved into their new home. A short while after that, her illness became even worse and she died.

She had run away from her family after falling in love with an Italian painter. In grief, her father searched for her, but to no avail. He waited two years for her, losing his wife during that time to her own sorrow.

Violet appeared to him at the church they were memorializing her mother at, holding an infant Joshua. She asks forgiveness and to help her so that her daughter does not suffer the same life on the streets that she has, but her father becomes angry and lashes out at her. He would see her only two years later, at a party under her guise of Mary Vermont, and instantly felt regretful.

His intention was to better medicine through using the Manuscript of the Exiles, to summon an ancient being of knowledge. But really it was to resurrect Violet, his beloved daughter, whom he wanted to bring back at any cost. Violet, however, did not want to be brought back, and through a fluke in which Dogol breaks the ritual cauldron, her spirit is released.

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