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Marlow Brown is a black magician who attempted to help Graham Graland ressurect his children by the Ceremony of Emigre, but lost his sanity in the attempt. His element is darkness.


Marlow Brown is a tall, slender man, with brown hair with glasses. Not much is known of him other than he was a black magician and that he must have had some contact with Professor Gilbert. He also has the power to call upon a window but does not have the power to control the beasts as Gilbert does.

At the Erick TheaterEdit

As Johnny enters the room in the Erick Theater you can see and hear Marlow's loss of sanity, he stumbles as he walks and his voice is quite strange, with the same clothes he had on when he conducted the Ceremony of Emigre. As Johnny says his name to Marlow he laughs mockingly, believing that the boy that he tried to resurrect is here right in front of him. But once he sees Johnny's face, he loses control of himself and opens a window by accident. As he goes mad, he is unable to control the beast and gets eaten by the Deep One.

Ceremony of EmigreEdit

Once Graham lost his children in the car accident Johnny and Grace, Marlow came to him saying that his children can be ressurected by the ritual known as the Ceremony of Emigre, so in the next 5 years he and Graham worked and studied the ritual ultimately stealing the book the Emigre Manuscript to have the ritual be preformed. Once Roger Bacon received word of what they were about to perform. He quickly rushed over there to stop the ritual, but they were just about to finish once he got there. After the ritual was finished Grace was no more but instead the creature of malice we come to know as Lady, after the ritual it is unknown when Marlow lost his sanity, possibly after the ritual or just by seeing Lady, but after the ceremony we know he lost his sanity as he runs out terrified.

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