Restores 300-360 MP.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Main root of the mystical herb Mana Leaf. Taken from the mature plant and exposed to the light of 20 full-moon nights. Powerful restorer of mystical strength.

Found: London - Old Castle Street, Kowloon Fortress
Drops: Speckled Creeper, Camazotz
Purchase: Prague, London - Old Castle Street, Nemeton Monastery
Buy: 500
Sell: 250

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Mana roots
The root of the Mana herb left exposed to the light of the moon for hundreds of nights. Favored by sages and priests, it restores much mystical strength.

Found: Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Brick Warehouses, Lottery #8, Forest of Wind
Drops: Quartzback, Tweedledum, Zamuza, Danters, Spider Walker, Pera-pera, Beetle Walker, Yomi Samurai, Scorplilus, Morgan, Ashra, Kukunochi, Duergar, Murgh Masala, Murgh Vindaloo, Gosht Masala, Chingri Vindaloo, Otoroshi, Onlooker
Purchase: [[Idar Flamme] and on
Buy: 500
Sell: 250

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Mana root
The root of a Mana Leaf plant that has been exposed to continuous moonlight. Will wither instantly if touched by sunlight, but offers huge magic restoration.

Found: Machu Picchu, Lottery #6, Garland Residence
Drops: Blupe, Natto Roll, Saskachilli, Tindaros, Wariche
Purchase: Moana Village and on
Buy: 500
Sell: 250