Restores all MP. These are rare and precious items. Use in case of emergency.

Shadow HeartsEdit

A secret medicine made by putting the extract of Mana Roots under a magical process. Gives off a perfume and a blue glow. Fully restores mystical strength.

Found: London: Old Castle Street, Lottery #4
Drops: Basilisk, Arcmine
Purchase: Prague
Buy: 10000
Sell: 500

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Mana extract
Dozen of Mana roots are boiled to produce this liquid. Careful straining makes it wonderfully smooth to drink. Restores all mystical strength.

Found: Neam Ruins, Nihonbashi, Immortal Mountain, Dog Shrine
Drops: Henri (boss), Mother Filaria, Yomi Samurai, Samurai Ghoul, Graffias, Ashra, Kukunochi, Duergar, Hashed Beef Man, Curry Prince, Otoroshi, Onlooker
Purchase: Florence Step Trader
Buy: 500 steps
Sell: 10

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Mana extract3
A thick soup in which a Mana Root has been completely boiled away in a process that takes over three weeks. Fully restores magic power, and has a minty taste.

Found: Chichen Itza, Vilcabamba, The Gate x2, Mastoshi's List First Trade 1 (NG+), Guiana Highlands, Ninja Hideaway, Doll House, Arkham University, Pit Fight: Basic Beastology III (NG+), Pit Fight: App Beast Med IV (NG+), Pit Fight: Prac Beast Sci II (NG+), Lottery #2
Drops: Rice Ball, Bokrug, Fatty Tuna Sushi, Gresiru, Ignis, Q the Great, Salmon Sushi, Seymouria
Purchase: N/A
Buy: N/A
Sell: 10