Shadow Hearts
HP 83
MP 200
Location Kuhai Tower
Element Earth
Abilities Flying Stones
EXP Gained 215
Cash 320
Drops Gold Hourglass

Bestiary InfoEdit

Snake that ate more than 1000 babies that died from disease. Its eyes stop people in their tracks. Brings storms with its pig-like cries.


The Chinese reading of the characters in the Japanese game, 猪豚蛇, Zhū-tún-shé (literally "Pig-Boar-Snake") also known as the Chotonda, is a reference from a record written in the Song dynasty about a legendary unidentified animal.

It was described as having the squeal of a pig, a short hairy body about a metre long, four legs, and highly aggressive nature towards humans. A man-eater, it was later killed by a group of soldiers.

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