83-040 67
Shadow Hearts
HP 3500
MP 770
Location Orphanage
Element Earth
  • Needle Rain
  • Petrify
  • Shock Wave
  • Howling
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained 20000
Cash 16000
Drops Demon Earrings

Bestiary InfoEdit

Jack's beloved mother. She has been revived by her son's experiment, but she is a different being now. A victim of "The sickle of life".


Why do I believe I've seen this thing before? Hm anyways this is why you shouldn't waste your MP, you'll need it for this thing! It's element is Earth and Halley's Air Shot will do a lot of damage to her. Mammon knows Petrify so if you listened to me in using the Zodiac Bracelet then you'll be fine. The recommended fusion for Yuri is Baldo since Mammon will use Shockwave which will damage all of your characters. Just keep hitting Mammon with Air Shot and have Yuri keep attacking him, also pack some Mana Roots they will be useful when Halley runs low on MP.


Mammon is the name of one of the 72 Goetic demons, he is the demon of greed. Other names of the demons in Shadow Hearts are Amon, Astaroth, Gapp, and Asmodeus.

Mammon may also be derived from the French "Maman" meaning "Mum" or "Mummy".


  • The "sickle of life" may possibly be a mistranslation of "circle of life", or it may be a metaphorical, as a harvester of life.
  • Mammon's form is quite similar to the final boss Elaine in Koudelka.

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