Malice Killer
Malice Killer
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 4200
MP 703
Location The Gate
Element Fire

Instant Death, Seal, Energy Charge, Red Crest, Vice Blade, Malice Dirge

EXP Gained
Souls Gained 100% Ring Perfect = +35 Soul
Cash Combo Magic Defeat = +1800 Cash
Cat Coins

47 Hits = Pure Extract// 80-92 Hits = Seal of Life

0-2 Enemy Turns = Strike Area Expand


Killer twisted by malice, born from an instinct to protect someone else. A sad fate, but he's not looking for symphathy. He just wants to destroy ayone in his path.

Battle InformationEdit

Malice Killer's physical attack does death and he has an ability that does Seal to all.

Malice Killer isn't that bad if you're well equipped. He's got a good amount of stock, so you have to let johnny suck it away. Speed yourself up with Arc Gale.

Killer's physical attack is not bad at all if you know how to abuse it. Equip a ring accessory that weakens his Physical Attack and tame him with it. His dangerous attack is Red Crest, which hits a large area and lowers your phys. attack.

Once Killer's physical attack is under control, cast Arc Rage. If you get hit with phys. def down, you can cast Arc Heal if needed. This only makes the fight longer, anyway. When he gets low, he'll use Energy Charge, so make sure his physical attack is lowered at this point and your HP is high. As long as you come equipped and can survive Red Crest, this fight isn't bad at all. It's tough to pull a combo off because he's always lowering your stock, so you'll have to kill him 200 damage at a time.

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