Malice Edna
Malice Edna
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 1670
MP 404
Location Las Vegas
Element Water
  • Hail Dust
  • Shock Max
  • Mental Breakdown
  • Black Hole
Calories -10
EXP Gained 4,000
Souls Gained 90
Cash 4,900
Cat Coins

Boss Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World


Unable to cope with her fear at the changes she was undergoing, Edna was sucked into malice. All that's left in her eyes is sorrow. Only death can save her now.

Battle InformationEdit

"Edna! Damn!" - Ricardo

Arc Gale, Arc Cure, Fire Edge, and items that resist "Mental Breakdown" are fairly helpful.


Malice Edna's design is probably based on a siren, which may be why her element is water, and her voice is siren like when she conducts a attack.

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