Luvart (ルヴァール)
SHCDC Nahashu Temple Lvarl1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 90 (Approx)
MP Unknown
Location Nahash Temple
Element Fire
  • Magma
  • Mental Break
EXP Gained
Souls Gained 0
Cash 0

Creature found only in Nahash Temple, in the Director's cut edition of the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit


魔界ヒ工ラルキーの上位に名を刻む上級魔。 人を体内に取り込むことで、 何千年でも生き続けられる。 歴史上謎の死を遂げた著名人の多くは、 彼の血肉として今も生命活動を続けている。

Rough Translation:
An evil being who made its name by carving its way to the top of the demonic hierachy. By absorbing human bodies it can live for over a thousand years. Many historical figures and celebrities who died mysterious deaths, continue to live on as its flesh and blood.


Luvart is an obscure demon from the writings of French Inquisitor, Sebastien Michaelis. Luvart is simply listed as having been a "prince of Angels". At the time of Michaelis's writing, he believed the demon to be possessing the body of a Sister Madeleine.