Here is a list of weapons Lucia can equip in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. She uses fans in combat. All weapons are listed in order of appearance.

Luna FanEdit

Luna fan
A fan used in divination. Has a moon motif."
  • Japanese Name: ルーナピエーナ (Rūna Piēna)
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +28
    • S-ATK: +33
  • Cost: 1350
  • Sell: 675
  • Buy in: Wales, Cannes, St. Margarite Island
  • Description:
A popular fan among fortunetellers, it features an image of a full moon. Its sharp spines also allow it to be used as a weapon.

Golden FanEdit

Golden fan
A dazzling gold fan for use in fighting."
  • Japanese Name: メルキュール (Meru Kyūru)
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +40
    • S-ATK: +47
  • Cost: 2030
  • Sell: 1015
  • Buy in: Wales, Cannes, St. Margarite Island, Petrograd, Goreme Valley
  • Description:
Combat fan woven from golden thread, it features gult spines. It flashes like lightning to cut through darkness.

Saturn FanEdit

Saturn fan
Mysterious fan festooned with an image of Kronos."
  • Japanese Name: サトゥルノ (Saturuno)
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +55
    • S-ATK: +64
  • Cost: 3040
  • Sell: 1520
  • Buy in: Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme
  • Description:
Fan of Saturn, Greek god of weaponry and agriculture. Used in peacetime to pray for crops, and in wartime to defend one's fields from the enemy.

Jupiter FanEdit

Jupiter fan
Solemn fan with a motif of Zeus, father of the gods."
  • Japanese Name: ユピテル (Yupiteru)
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +74
    • S-ATK: +85
  • Cost: 4560
  • Sell: 2280
  • Buy in: Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama Warehouses, Yokohama Streets, Otherworld
  • Description:
A fan with a motif of Zeus, father of the gods. Contains electrified magnetite, capable of calling down divine punishment on an enemy.

Venus FanEdit

Venus fan
An assassin's fan with a morning star motif."
  • Japanese Name: 明星扇
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +98
    • S-ATK: +111
  • Cost: 6830
  • Sell: 3415
  • Buy in: Yokohama Warehouses, Yokohama Streets, Otherworld, Nihonbashi, Purgatory
  • Description:
Although festooned with an image of the goddess of beauty, this fan is covered in black paint to conceal it from enemies. One shot, one kill.

Goddess FanEdit

Goddess fan
A holy fan made from the wings of the God of the Sky."
  • Japanese Name: 天翔扇
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +128
    • S-ATK: +149
  • Cost: 10250
  • Sell: 5125
  • Buy in: Nihonbashi, Purgatory, Inugami Village
  • Description:
A holy fan made from the wings of the God of the Sky. Sharp, yet flexible, it can cool off the owner or decapitate an unwary assailant.

Poseidon FanEdit

Poseiden fan
A steel fan reminiscent of Poseidon's trident."
  • Japanese Name: 海神三叉扇
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +165
    • S-ATK: +182
  • Cost: 15340
  • Sell: 7670
  • Buy in: Inugami Village
  • Description:
A steel fan made to resemble Poseidon's trident. Decorated with images of storms and tornadoes, it generates a fierce whirlwind for attacking enemies.

Hades FanEdit

Hades fan
A fan said to have been used by Hades himself."
  • Japanese Name: 冥王扇
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +176
    • S-ATK: +196
  • Cost: N/A
  • Sell: 11530
  • Buy in: N/A; found in Immortal Mountain
  • Description:
Said to have been used by Hades himself. Decorated with bizarre anatomical motifs. Plucks the victim's soul from the wheel of incarnation forevermore.

Nemesis FanEdit

Nemesis fan
A fan said to contain the power of the comet Nemesis."
  • Japanese Name: ネメシス (Nemeshisu)
  • Stats:
    • P-ATK: +187
    • S-ATK: +210
  • Cost: 500.000
  • Sell:
  • Buy in: received if item trading ends with Margarete; At the end of item trading, after setting foot in Asuka Stone Platform go to the item shop in the cathedral district (Paris) you can buy it for 500,000.
  • Description:
A fan said to hold the power of Nemesis, comet that destroyed the dinosaurs. Brings its power to the owner...and death to their enemies.