Shadow HeartsEdit

Sh1itemlogo Lottery Ticket
Lottery ticket
Shadow Hearts
Purchase Location
Dropped By Felinus
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 10

Issued by the World Lottery Foundation. Secret numbers all over the world ask you to participate in lotteries. Get wonderful prizes through luck and skill!

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Lottery ticketc
Lottery ticket issued by the World Lottery Society. Holders are invited by members throughout the world to play for prizes with luck and skill. Have fun!

Found: Le Havre, Wine Cellar, Port of Southampton, Rhondda Mine x2, Wales, Florence, Manmariana Island, SG Italian Branch HQ, Neam Ruins, Cannes, St. Marguerite Island, Petrograd x2, Goreme Valley, Gallery of the Dead, Brick Warehouses, Battleship Mikasa, Nihonbashi, Hojo Research Lab x2, Inugami Village, Azabu Kamiyashiki, Queen's Garden, Doll House
Drops: Pollux, Martega, Mash, Maya, Master Cylinder, Wolfman, Tengu, Lion Dog, Yatanokami, Peach Bat, Bailey, Penanggian
Purchase: N/A
Buy: N/A
Sell: 10

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Lottery ticketftnw
A lottery ticket issued by a secret organization known as the WLF. Presenting this ticket to organization members across the world allows a lottery to be played.

Found: New York City: Upper West Side, Arkham University, Chicago x2, Alcatraz Prison, Roswell, Roswell: Laboratory, Caribbean Pirate Fort x2, Las Vegas, Chichen Itza, Rio de Janeiro x2, Machu Picchu, Moana Village, Vilcabamba, Uyuni Salt Lake, Garland Residence (Johnny's Memories), Garvoy Valley, Guiana Highlands x2, Ninja Hideaway, Doll House
Drops: Igornak, Sasquatch, La Sirene, The Meowmenator, Sammo Meow, Cat Morita, Meowara-chan, Bruce Meow, Gregor, Janus, Ninja
Purchase: N/A
Buy: N/A
Sell: 10

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