Library Upper Floor

As with the Archives, the Monastery Library is a treasure-hold of esoteric books, and monastic codices.



Library Saferoom

Area where "Sophia's Letters" are hidden in a safe. In order to retrieve them, the player must find all the Glass pieces and place them back onto the stain glass window in the church nave.

Music Puzzle RoomEdit


Music Puzzle

A room which you need to step a floor correctly how sounds "Music Box". After you step following the music, "Music Box" will be broken and throwed away.

"Secret Room"Edit


Koudelka and Edward find Roger's coffin

A room hidden away behind a passage in a clock-face.

Sparcely decorated, it is where the party meets the immortal philospher, Roger Bacon, who had hid himself away from the world, sleeping in a coffin for over a century.