Libertis - Soul of Freedom

Yuri's max level wind fusion.

Info Edit

Wind god born by the soul of complete freedom. The wind from its powerful rainbow-coloured wings seems to sneer at those bound like ants to the ground.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Gale 12MP Decreases turn interval for one ally Ayuri1
Howling 16MP Single-target Wind attack (anti-air, hard hit) Ayuri2
Arc Heal 18MP Cures all Status and Ring Abnormalities for all allies Ayuri3
Slash 32MP Single-target Wind damage (anti-air, hard hit) Ayuri4
Arc Gale 36MP Decreases turn interval speed for all allies Ayuri6
Gathering 64MP Gathers all enemies in one area Ayuri5
Storm 64MP large-area Wind attack (knock-down) Ayuri7


Etymology Edit

Derived from the Latin word "lībertās" meaning "freedom". Rather apt considering that Libertis is made from a "soul born of complete freedom".

The monster that Yuri must fight to unlock Libertis, Erisvorch, is named after the Slavic god of tempests.