Element fire Li Zhuzhen
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Li Zhuzhen
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana 劉 朱震
Romaji Liú Zhūzhèn
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Kenichirō Sanada
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Maddie Blaustein
Age Over 60
Height Short (stooped)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Naturally Black, now Grey
Home China
Weapon(s) Staves
Special Arts Yin and Yang
Element Fire Element fire

A travelling wise man, he seems to know an awful lot about Yuri.


This wise sage is deft in the ways of Yin and Yang and Feng Shui. He hints at some past connection with Yuri and Bacon.

Yuri skeptically dubs this old man a "Quack Oracle" at their first encounter. The elders from a neighbouring village had hired Zhuzhen to look into the strange disturbances in Zhaoyang Village.


Zhuzhen calls himself "the true ruler of the nine heavens. The absolute sage". Contrary to Yuri's original assessment, he is no fraud. Zhuzen is a knowledgable and experienced spirit healer, a master of Taoist magic. He was a student of Master Xifa, the guardian of the White Tiger temple at Wuhan. Also, he too is an exorcist like Alice.

Zhuzhen first met Ben Hyuga and his friend Zhongyun Zhen in 1898, when they saved him from Dehuai's henchmen. The trio joined forces to battle the warlock Dehuai and stop the Valorization. In order to halt the ritual, he was forced to deal the killing blow to his friend. Dehuai is his brother.

He first met Yuri and Alice in a village possessed with a Yamaraja. He was accompanied with Wander Mieyuan. After defeating Yamaraja: Earth, he leaves. Later, he is met in Dalian as he tries to heal Alice of her curse caused by Li Li.

After the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation, Zhuzhen and Alice are exorcists for hire in Europe. The player sees them in Prague, Germany.

Personality Edit

Fighting StyleEdit

Equipped with staves, Zhuzhen attacks his foes for fairly average damage. His real speciality however, relies on offensive "Yin-and-Yang" magics.

Though fire based himself, his magic uses a varity of elements to take advantage of his enemies' elemental vulnerabilities.


Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Ogre Flamedance


15 MP Fire based attack on all enemies Ogreflamedance
Scirocco Blast


8 MP Adds Fire element to attack Sirocoblast
Nourishing Potion


35 MP Restores HP and Cures Paralysis Nourishingpotion
Life Sucker


30 MP Darkness damage to one enemy plus Silence Lifedrinker(move)
Corpse Arm


55 MP Strong Earth Attack on all enemies plus Paralyze Corpsearm
Fury Serpent


70 MP Strong Water Damage to all Enemies Furyserpent
Thunder Roar


90 MP Strong Wind Damage to all enemies Thunderroar
Flames of Fudo


120 MP Heavy Fire Damage to all Enemies. Flamesoffudo


  • "You two meeting up, then me, and then the events in this village... Somehow I can't help feeling like all this is connected by a single thread that somebody has spun."
  • "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!"
  • "Rin-Kyō-Tōh-Sha-Kai-Jin-Retsu-Zai-Zen!" -A Shinto/Buddhist mantra, chanted while using Yin-and-Yang.



  • Li Zhuzhen's original age in both JP and NA manuals was listed as over 60. The reason for this is unknown.
  • The NA manual lists him as Zhuzhen Liu when he is Zhuzhen Li.

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