Li Li (Transformed)
Shadow Hearts
HP 700
MP ??
Location Smuggler's Boat
Element Dark
Abilities Paralysis
EXP Gained
Drops B. Tortoise Fang

Bestiary InfoEdit

Li Li's vengance that grew stronger with Dehuai's power. She lashes out her anger on all living things using dark powers from the other side.


THIS is why you need your MP! Have Yuri fuse into Heaven's Fiend and heal any wounds that may have carried over from the first battle, then unload Exorcist Arrow. Use Holy Edge on Margarete and have her attack. Have Alice in the back row healing, unless Li Li uses Hate Storm, in which case Sacred Remedy is the better option, followed by a Blessed Light from Alice. Here’s hoping you have enough Angel Feathers! Also if you havn't yet obtained Heaven's Fiend yet then Man Dragon will be a good substitute for its healing and its good special attack. Also if the player dosen't have enough Angel Feathers a RoseWood Bracelet equiped to all of the characters will be just as fine. Also if Alice isn't needed for healing use her Blessed Light on Li Li since her element is dark.


  • Li Li's monster form is probably based after a cecaelia, their upper torso is that of a women composed of a women's head, arms, and upper waist (expect Li Li's arms are replaced by tentacles), and the rest is the octopus's or squid tentacales. It should also be noted that Li Li's appearance also seems roughly simular to Urusula from Disney's movie The Little Mermaid.

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