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The diary was used by ARUZE to promote "Shadow Hearts: From the New World" in the month leading to Japanese release.
Set up as the fictional diary of Johnny Garland's butler, Lenny Curtis (who also appears in Covenant) the entries served as an extended, serialized teaser for the game.

Entry 1Edit

X Month X Day

It's been one month since the establishment of the Garland Detective Agency. Since I've finally settled in a bit, I think I might as well try to keep a diary from today onward.

But what a busy couple of months it's been!

So many things have popped up, what with Young Master suddenly saying, "I'm going to be a detective!" and all... From preparing an office to advertising around the neighborhood I've been stuck doing it all by myself.

When the Young Master is away, I also have to see to the Master's business and set things up so that it doesn't run into the ground...

oh my, it seems I've started complaining. Anyway, to tell the truth, every day I hope that the Young Master comes closer to inheriting the Master's business himself but... I'll keep up appearances for him a bit in the meantime.

Besides, this is something that stimulates the Young Master's interest. And I also want to help him as much as I can since it's been so long."

Entry 2Edit

X Month X Day

Well, it seems we've started to get a bunch of requests for jobs at the agency. It's a good thing but... I think the Young Master is getting a chip on his shoulder.

Either way, he's a bit disappointed at the small scale of jobs...things like cleaning chimneys, lost kids, lost cats... of course it's very important to gain the reliance of everyone in the area but it's hard to explain this to the Young Master at his age.

Hmm, when I try to think of it that way, I suppose this detective business isn't quite as glamorous an experience as the Young Master expected. Still, I think there's probably no harm in trying it all a bit longer...

Tomorrow on the Young Master's schedule is a "Find Out Why My Wife Leaves the House Late at Night" investigation.

Hrmph, it's better if he doesn't find out more than necesary!

Entry 3Edit

X Month X Day

Today something happened to make me a bit sad.

Today I went shopping for supplies and it happened on my way back through Times Square. I couldn't see well because of the bags and I bumped into a little girl. I raised my arms in confusion but,when the little girl saw my face she started to cry in a loud voice!

Try as I might to calm her, the crying only grew louder and a crowd gathered around us. I began to hear voices saying things like, "Should we call the police?"

...Listening to this conversation made me feel terrible and I retreated to the office right away.

Things like this have happened since I was young but recently I had hoped for better... *sigh* I worry that perhaps this time this may affect my image in the neighborhood...

Entry 4Edit

X Month X Day

No requests at the agency as usual and the Young Master is dying of boredom.

Me, on the other hand, I wasn't bored at all today! What I had longed for before happened, and some ladies have given me the honor of being included in some backstairs gossip!

I spent another languid early afternoon engaged in small talk... Ah, it was a glorious time!

There were many questions about the Young Master and the detective agency but, this is the first time. That afternoon I recieved many surprising and useful tips.

Like, for instance, that that store has the cheapest vegetables and that the one across from it is overpriced and has low-quality goods... Which families have handsome husbands, and a bunch of other things that are probably none of my business at all.

Though while I was profiting from the lady's conversation, I'm afraid I've neglected the office accounts again... and it seems I'm also behind on our own budget!

Hmph, it seems I'm growing a little careless recently!

From tomorrow on I'll try to improve...

Entry 5Edit

X Month X Day

Once again I joined in the backstairs gossip... but today the experience was a bit different.

That's right, today I met with the ladies at a slightly upscale cafe. It seems that they meet once a month at this cafe regularly. It really wasn't anything special but, with a new setting the feeling also changed.

With delicious tea and cakes to accompany it, the conversation seemed even more energized. From time to time the cafe's owner peered at me strangely and I felt a bit strange, but it's easy enough just to forget about that part...

After evening set in, the meeting was brought to a close. I wanted to thank them for the invitation and brought out my wallet to pay but I was immediately scolded. It seems they have a credit account at this place... and the ladies keep strict rules about such things.

I thought I fit in better, but I think I still need to study up to fit completely...

Entry 6Edit

X Month X Day

Today I went along with Susanna, who I've recently become quite familiar with, for some shopping.

She wanted to prepare some new dishes and restock her pantry but she hasn't got any men around the house to help her. If I didn't help ladies in need it wouldn't just reflect on me, but on the Garland Detective Agency as well. So of course I agreed to help her happily.

Susanna is quite a bit younger than me at 28. Her husband is a sailor and spends most of his time at sea so it's been almost a year since she's even seen him.

It's such a sad story really... I've never been married but, there have been times that work has kept me from the Young Master. The loneliness I felt at those times can't be described.

After we finished our shopping without incident, Susanna's invited me for tea. I tried to refuse politely but she made such a sad face that I ended up giving in anyway.

Oh well, it's too bad she could only have someone like me for a conversation partner, but I suppose when someone is as lonely as she is any little bit helps, doesn't it?

Entry 7Edit

X Month X Day

It's still early on in the evening but I've already managed to finish most of my work so today I have some time to quickly jot down another diary entry.

For starters, we've had a lot more people filing requests with the Detective Agency than we had before.

We got one in today to look for a suspect that's jumped bail but, I think maybe this job is way too big for a self-run business like ours (though I'd never say it in front of the Young Master!).

I think something's up with this request but the Young Master is always jumping into things without thinking them through very deeply...

I'm really supposed to be doing some housekeeping now in preparation for his return but, I think I'm going to sneak off to keep an eye on the Young Master. There are still quite a few places in New York where law and order is in a bit of decline, there's no end to trouble he could get into...

Ah! Why is the Young Master always acting so rashly?!

This time I think I'm going to have to talk to him a bit more firmly about this.

Entry 8Edit

X Month X Day

The Young Master hasn't returned to the office for a while. I thought he'd come back from time to time but, he's gone off on a journey and can't afford to rest even one day...

Of course I knowhe's busy investigating those events but, before he went off on his trip I thought I saw a dangerous look in his eyes and fought off a wave of uneasiness.

On the other hand I'm beside myself with boredom without him. I know I said to leave the agency to me but there really hasn't been anything coming in at all in his absence...

I thought it would beas busy as it was when the Young Master was here but... I suppose all the time I spent looking after the Young Master himself gave me a distorted idea of how busy we really were.

Lately the ladies say "aren't you being a little overprotective?" but, someone as unworthy as me, all I can really do is serve the Young Master.

Even when he's not here, I need to follow proper master-servant ettiquette, don't I? I don't know how long Young Master's journey will continue. It would be the least I could do to make myself useful to him somehow.

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