ShI monsters 061
Shadow Hearts
HP 164
MP 00
Location Orphanage
Element Water
Abilities Attack w/. ring anomalies
EXP Gained 750
Cash 550
Drops Pure Root

Bestiary InfoEdit

Ghost of a general who loved to torture people. He came back from hell to participate in the atrocities at the orphanage. He roams the orphanage in search of cries of pain.


These creatures must also be helping Jack with his plans, well he is kinda a loon to be hanging around normal people. They aren't as annoying as the Banshees but they know Irregular Ring and Tight Ring which just can be a hassle to you. But equipping a Pocket Watch and that annoyance will go away.


A slight misromanisation of "Lham Dearg", (also known as "Ly Erg"), a somewhat obscure and belligerent faerie from Scottish folklore, that dresses as a soldier and has a blood-red hand, stained with the blood of the many it has killed in duels.

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