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La Sirene - The Ocean Spirit

La Sirene is unlocked in Caribbean Pirate Fort. La Sirene was revered by the natives as a god. After they left, the Lafiette Pirates remain to guard the altar.

La Sirene serves as a pretty good character that can take a beating. Her Vitality and Power are pretty high, and her custom support abilities can increase Physical or Special Defense for all allies. Her Cure Plus and Resurrection abilities serve just as well to patch up injured and unconscious allies.

SP consumption as La Sirene: 4 SP per turn

Info Edit

The Ocean spirit wearing the surging sea. Has a gentle nature; responds to tenderness and woe. Her tears form a tsunami that swallows all evil floating in the ocean.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Cure Plus* 12 MP Restores a lot of HP to one target. Image Needed
Resurrection 20 MP Revives one character with full HP. Image Needed
Arc Shield 18 MP Raises the party's Physical defense by 28% Image Needed
Arc Barrier 18 MP Raises the party's Special Defence by 28% Image Needed
Hail Dust 10 MP Deals water damage to a group of foes. Image Needed
Hail Solid 18 MP Deals water damage to a group of aerial foes. Image Needed
Bright Rage 10 MP Deals light damage to a group of foes. Image Needed
Bright Oracle 18 MP Deals light damage to a group of foes. Image Needed
Dusk Proud* 10 MP Deals dark linear damage to ground foes. Image Needed
Ebony Cluster 18 MP Deals moderate dark damage to aerial foes. Image Needed
Current Breath 34 MP La Sirene calls upon the power of the waves to crush it's foes. Image Needed
  • La Sirene begins with these abilities.

Fetishes Edit

Whale Statue- Obtain by winning the lottery at the Carribbean Pirate Ship.

Orca Statue

Shark Statue

Dolphin Statue

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Etymology Edit

La Sirene is one of the many names given to the Mami Wata, water spirits that are associated with fertility, healing and beauty. It shares also, the name of the consort to the African ocean god Agwe, which was introduced to the Caribbean.

It is also French for either "siren" or "mermaid". Both creatures being linked to the sea and water.