Here is a list of weapons that Kurando can use in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. His weapons include solely samurai swords. All weapons in this article are listed in order of appearance.

Weapons Edit

Inoue Edit

  • Japanese Name: 井上真改
  • Stats:
  • Cost: 5470
  • Buy in: Yokohama Streets, Otherworld
  • Description: A sword forged by Shinkai Inoue, heir to the legacy of the master swordmaker Kunisada. The shogunate allowed him to use a chrysanthemum motif.

Awataguchi Edit

  • Japanese Name: 栗田口国網
  • Stats
  • Cost: 8200
  • Buy in: Yokohama Streets, Otherworld, Nihonbashi, Purgatory
  • Description: A sword forged by the sixth son of the Awataguchi family of blacksmiths, Kunitsuna. Somewhat rough, but boasts a very sharp edge.

Dojikiri Edit

  • Japanese Name: 童子切安綱
  • Stats
  • Cost: 12300
  • Buy in: Nihonbashi, Purgatory, Inugami Village
  • Description: A sword forged by Yasutsuna, famed blacksmith of Japan's Heian era. Used by shogun Yorimitsu Minamoto to slay a marauding spirit. A national treasure.

Yoto Edit

  • Japanese Name: 妖刀・村雨
  • Stats
  • Cost: 18450
  • Buy in: Inugami Village
  • Description: An enchanted sword that brings forth rain. The more it slays, the more the blade is enshrouded in mist, keeping it ever clean.

Kogara-Maru Edit

  • Japanese Name: 小烏丸
  • Stats
  • Cost: N/A
  • Buy in: N/A; found in Immortal Mountain
  • Description: A treasure bestowed on Kanmu, first emperor of Japan. For more than one thousand years, this sword has watched over Japan.

Mumeiro Edit

  • Japanese Name: 無明狼
  • Stats
  • Cost: N/A
  • Buy in: N/A; found in Dog Shrine
  • Description: When a traveler was ambushed in the night, a blind wolf transformed himself into a sword to aid him. The grateful villager founded a village to venerate the sword.