Kowloon Fortess is the home of Wugui, which is in the city of Hong Kong, which is eventually taken over by Roger Bacon using Wugui's body to create life, possible this was part of his plan in using the Emigre Manuscript. This place can be unlocked by choosing all the first comments that Alice uses when she is imprisoned by Dehuai. This place is not for the inexperienced, but cannot be visited once you finish Kuihai Tower. Lottery Member No. 10 is here, but only until you clear the boss.

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Kowloon Fortress

Wugui's RoomEdit

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Wugui's Room

Upon entering the room, Yuri and Margarete express disgust, and Zhuzhen finds everything a bit out-of-place for a gangster boss. Roger Bacon appears, confirms the Taoist's suspicions, and sends a resurrected Wugui, Cursed Puppet, at the party.


  • The Kowloon Fortress mentioned in this game is actually Kowloon Walled City. The game developers took a little license with it, giving us the Walled City of the later years, rather than the small outpost it was in 1915.



Tight-Lipped Merchant

Item Price Item Price
Leather Cap 600 Talisman of Luck 480
Studded Cap 1700 Talisman of Mercy 820
Casual Belt 600 Talisman Of Wisdom 1280
Western Belt 1700 Mermaid's Tear 70
Zodiac Bracelet 10,300 Holy Mother Bust 75
Cosmic Bracelet 11,500 Angel's Feather 80
Spikes 2810 Faerie's Sigh 85
Leonardo's Bear 3330 Imp's Fang 95
Voodoo Doll 5200 Phoenix Tail 90
Thera Leaf 50 Bronze Arrowhead 100
Thera Seed 120 Bronze Dagger 200
Mana Leaf 100 Silver Hourglass 100
Mana Seed 300 Gold Hourglass 200
Pure Leaf 230 Tent 480
Pure Seed 510


Boss: Cursed Puppet