This is a list of all of the sword weapons that the player can equip in Koudelka (game).

NOTE: Edward, Koudelka and James can all equip these weapons.


Sabres and sabre-like weapons are much larger than daggers and other knives, but are not really traditional swords. Instead of hacking and slashing, sabres allow for thrusting attacks. The very narrow blades are designed to pierce through the cracks in enemy armour rather than hack enemies apart. As such, they can be very effective, but are more suited to precision attacks than wild melee.



"Originally a Turkish weapon. Easily recognisable by its single curved blade. Most effective as a slashing weapon."

  • STR: +10/12
  • DEX: +2/3
  • LUC: +5/6

Breaks after: 15~30



"Similar to a saber in that it has a curved blade, although its thin, tapering hand-guard distinguishes it. A popular weapon among Muslim warriors."

  • STR: +16/18
  • DEX: +4/5
  • LUC: +8/9

Breaks after: 15~30



"Generic name for swords with a long, thin blade. Intended more for thrusting than slashing, they are not very powerful and were designed to slip through the cracks of an enemy's armour."

  • STR: +10/12
  • DEX: +4/5
  • INT: +3/4

Breaks after: 15~30

S Sword (Short Sword)Edit


"A short sword, lightweight and easy to use; can be used single-handedly."

  • STR: +12/14
  • DEX: +6/7
  • AGL: +3/4

Breaks after: 15~30

Two-handed swords

These are more traditional swords, or at least what most people think of when they think of a sword. Larger, longer and much heavier than sabre weapons, swords can be used in thrusting attacks but are more generally used for slashing

In the right hands, these are very powerful weapons, and because the two most powerful weapons available are swords in this class, it pays to have at least one character to learn to brandish then well.

W Sword (Wide Sword)Edit


"A sword with a long straight blade. Very effective in combat as it can be used for both thrusting and slashing."

  • STR: +12/14
  • DEX: +6/7
  • AGL: -1

Breaks after: 15~30

L Sword (Long Sword)Edit


"Double-edged long sword; requires training to use properly."

  • STR: +20/22
  • DEX: +10/11
  • AGL: -3/-2

Breaks after: 15~30

B Sword (Bastard Sword)Edit


"Bastard sword; has long handle as it requires both hands to use. Difficult to use properly, but a potent weapon in the right hands."

  • STR: 22/24
  • DEX: 11/12
  • AGL: -3/-2

Breaks after: 15~30



"Similar to a sabre, but with is a less-pronounced angle. Also called a crescent sword due to its curved shape."

  • STR: +16/18
  • DEX: +8/9
  • AGL: -2/-1

Breaks after: 15~30

Special SwordsEdit

Girdle SwordEdit


"The Sword of Strange Girdles, as used by Sir Galahad and King David before him. Blessed with the power of good spirits and angels, it has survived the passage of time untouched."

  • STR: +16/18
  • DEX: +16/17
  • AGL: -3/-2
  • LUC: +16/17

Breaks after: 100~255

Galahad's SwordEdit


"A copy of the sword used Sir Galahad of the Round Table. It has not survived the years well, becoming so brittle and weak that the blade has snapped."

  • STR: +7/9
  • DEX: +7/8

Breaks after: 100~255



"A necromatic blade that gives it user great power in battle - at the cost of his or her life energy"

  • STR: +35/37
  • VIT: -5/-4
  • DEX: +35/37
  • AGL: -3/-2
  • LUC: -6/-5

Breaks after: 100~255
Drains foes HP with every strike.

Secret SwordsEdit



"Legendary sword made from the bones of a mighty evil dragon slain long ago. Its eye decorates the pommel."

  • STR: 70/72
  • DEX: 23/25
  • AGL: 8/10

Breaks after: 100~255
Defeat the Gargoyle to obtain this weapon.

Gargoyle KillerEdit


"Double-edged long sword; requires training to use properly."

  • STR: +99
  • VIT: +99
  • DEX: +99
  • AGL: +99
  • INT: -20
  • PIE: -20
  • MND: -20
  • LUC: -20

Breaks after: 3

Same description as the Long Sword. This weapon can only be aquired by having 10, 21, 32, or 43 items in the inventory total, and saving the game at exactly 11:11:11.