Released before Shadow Hearts, a manga sidestory, written and illustrated by Yuji Iwahara, was published in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Ace Next. Despite the story being written as direct sequel to the Koudelka game, the events that occur in the manga are no longer canonical, having been invalidated by the later Shadow Hearts franchise. 

It does however, follow explore similar themes, and the Emigre Manuscript, and Roger Bacon both make appearances. Even Koudelka herself had references the events of the game's climax, when she warns the antagonists about the incident that killed Patrick Heyworth due to meddling with the Emigre Manuscript. 

Set little after a year since the events of the game, and Koudelka Iasant, has just escaped from being incarcerated in a lunatic asylum. Meanwhile, elsewhere, in the fog covered streets of London, a mysterious society has been kidnapping pregnant prostitutes for some insidious purpose...and it's up to Koudelka to find out why.

Volume 1Edit


Koudelka Issue #1

Part 1: "A Beautiful Fugitive"Edit

The story begins with Koudelka, being chased by dogs who belong to the Newton Asylum. Following closely behind them is the head of the Asylum, Dr Hans, who is desperately trying to recapture Koudelka.

Meanwhile, not far away, young Joshua Vermont, is tending to his mother's grave. With the grave taken care of, Joshua saddles up his horse and cart, and begins to make his way home.

Still being chased by the dogs, Koudelka manages to buy some time by hypnotizing them, before being forced to jump off a cliff.

Luckily for her, she lands into Joshua's cart which leaves her alive, but unconscious. Taking her back to his home, Joshua takes care of the still-unconscious woman.

Dr Hans, still searching for her, reports to the Royal Medical Society, to tell of her escape. He is told to find her, and if she proves to difficult to capture, to kill her.

Awaking in a strange place, and without her clothes, Koudelka struggles to remember how so got to the place. Meeting Joshua, he brings her a change of clothes and asks why she jumped off the cliff. Koudelka realizes that she cannot recall even her name. The chapter ends with Dr Hans going to visit the house on the suspiscion that Koudelka is inside.

Part 2: "Lost Memories"Edit

Part 3: "Club Mary"Edit

Part 4: "The Witch of Covent Garden"Edit

Part 5: "The Broken Soul"Edit

Volume 2Edit


Koudelka Issue #2

Part 6: "Recovered Memories"Edit

Part 7: "New Developments"Edit

Part 8: "The Prostitutes' Anguish"Edit

Part 9: "A Little Carelessness"Edit

Part 10: "Chains of Sacrifice"Edit

Volume 3Edit


Koudelka Issue #3

Part 11: "The Royal Medical Society"Edit

Part 12: "The Beginning...and the End"Edit

Part 13: "Survival of the Fittest"Edit

Part 14: "Because of Helplessness"Edit

Part 15: "The Wings of the Future"Edit


Book InformationEdit

The fifteen chapters were collected in three volumes:

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