King Tamakos
King Tamakos
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 6450
MP 675
Element Wind
  • Attack w. SP Lowering
  • Gale
  • Gale Spike
  • Bent Space
  • Spirit Ward (banishes one ally)
EXP Gained 53000
Souls Gained 290
Cash 49000
  • Seal of Speed
  • Strength Tarot Card

Boss Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and a recurring enemy in the series.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Creature of Chaos, born from the negative energy created by centuries of war and strife. He rejects every possible system of order and seeks their ruin.


The name derives from the Japanese word "Tama" ("Sphere, ball"), and a misromanisation of the word, "Chaos".


This boss is something of a recurring feature in the Shadow Hearts series, having first appeared in Koudelka as a minor enemy (Tamacoss), Shadow Hearts as a boss (Orb Chaos), and finally, in Shadow Hearts: From the New World as a boss (Tamaris).