Shftnw mon 046
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 1450 (1st encounter)

3600 (2nd encounter)

MP 222 (1st encounter)

562 (2nd encounter)

Location Vilcabamba(1st encounter)

Uyuni Salt Lake(2nd encounter)

Element Fire
Abilities Red Gravity

Vice Needle Gale Red Bounce Spec. Atk. Down Instant Death

Calories -10
EXP Gained 16000 (1st encounter)

25000 (2nd encounter)

Souls Gained 300 (1st encounter)

250 (2nd encounter)

Cash 7000 (1st encounter)

8400 (2nd encounter)

Cat Coins 5 (1st encounter)

5 (2nd encounter)

Drops Strike Expand,

P-Attack Down 2 Sp-Attack Down 2 Pure Root (1st encounter)

Instant Death 2 Dark Angel Cosmic Bracelet (2nd encounter)

A boss enemy in Shadow Hearts fought twice. The first being in Vilcabamba and the second in Uyuni Salt lake.


A Killer who fled to South America. Slightly more human since teaming up with Lady. His plans for Johnny and friends are still unknown, but are likely unpleasant.

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