Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 2380
MP 474
Location Machu Picchu
Element Wind
  • Slow
  • Poison
  • Gale
  • Gale Blast
  • Air Shot
Calories +10
EXP Gained 10,000
Souls Gained 130
Cash 6,300
Cat Coins Scallop

Boss Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World


Leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes. Known as the Queen of the Insects for her hard outer shell. Loathes and longs to destroy all living things.

Battle InformationEdit

In this boss battle, Shania will not be available. For this boss, use instead someone that can cure or resist Status abnormalities since it will use Poison - a lot.

Ok first of all have Shell Braclets on! Do not under any circumstances fight her without them. She will use Poison like every turn! And having Deadly Poison is not fun. Anyways Kerufe may also attack with slow and with her having Gale as well is not a very pretty position to be in. And sadly Shania will not be in this battle either so use Arc Gale in shorten the turn interveal for you and Ricardo's Serenata Meteor Shower to stop her attacks with slow. Earth attacks or use Earth Edge are recommened since her attribute is earth.

Etymology Edit

Kerufe is most likely the creature known as "Cherufe".

It is a large reptilian humanoid creature from the Mapuche mythology that is said to be found in Chile.

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