Keith uses rapiers and other swords to attack his foes.

Antique RapierEdit

Antique rapier
"Well-preserved antique sword with engraved blade."


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: -

Sell: 2300

Obtained: Keith's default weapon


This sword has been stained with the blood of many swordsmen. Its blade is a unique combination of flexibility and durability. It can cause Instant Death.

Royal EstocEdit

Royal estoc
"Thrusting sword favored by nobles for jousting."


  • P-ATK: 12
  • S-ATK: -1


Sell: 3115

Obtained: Bistritz


A long sword favored by nobles for jousting. Its narrow tip was made for piercing armor. Somewhat heavy to be carried, it is a weapon to be feared in battle.

Silver Crescent SwordEdit

Silver crescent sword
"Holy silver sword with special attack power."


  • P-ATK: 40
  • S-ATK: 20

Cost: 8300

Sell: 4150

Obtained: Rouen, London


Crescent shaped blade forged from blessed silver. Shorter than other swords, but its appearance has a tendency to make enemies falter.

Sword of the BerserkerEdit

Sword of the berserker
"Enchanted Sword. Turns wielder into a killer."


  • P-ATK:
  • S-ATK:


Sell: 4950

Obtained: London: Silent Peddler's shop in bar. (NTSC-J only). Either due to an oversight or deliberate choice, The Sword of the Berserker is not available in the normal gameplay of the PAL and NTSC-US regions, and can only be accessed by cheats or hacking.


Sword formerly owned by the cursed knight, Brom. Causes wielder to transform into a butcher. Its blade is said to moan and give off light in combat.

Executioner's SwordEdit

Executioner sword
"Enormous executioner sword used for beheading."


  • P-ATK: 55
  • S-ATK: 26

Cost: 18030

Sell: 9050

Obtained: Nemeton Monastery


Massive sword for beheading. Its blade is so sharp that it could easily slice a horse in two. Enormous strength is needed to wield it in battle.

Vampire-blade, BlodauthEdit

"Spirit blade used by the Darkness Clan."


  • P-ATK: 57
  • S-ATK: 40

Cost: -

Sell: 15200

Obtained: Neameto


Passed down for hundreds of years among the Darkness Clan, it carries a power so great that no other can hold it. Its power is truly incredible.

Deathblade, JiruEdit

Deathblade jiru
"Razor-like blade gives off a ghostly essence."


  • P-ATK: -15
  • S-ATK: 35


Sell: 10010

Obtained: Calios Mental Hospital (where Olga was fought)


Cursed after shedding the blood of countless witches, this razor-like blade gives off a ghostly essence and can cause Instant Death.

Demon Sword, TyrvingEdit

Demon sword tyrving
"Demonic sword and family heirloom."


  • P-ATK: 62
  • S-ATK: 48

Cost: -

Sell: 24300

Obtained: (Blue Castle) Golden Bat drop


Legendary Demon Sword that can only be wielded by the highest ranking member of the Darkness Clan. It is rumored to have the power to even slay the Undead.


  • Demon Sword, Tyrving is named for the sword of the same name found in Norse Mythology. A cursed sword, it was forged with the power to never miss a stroke, never rust, and cut through iron and stone - but cursed to slay a man every time it was drawn, and eventually turn on its wielder.