Element fire Karin Koenig
Karin Koenig
Game Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Kana カレン・ケーニッヒ
Romaji Karen Kēnihhi
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Miki Nagasawa
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Kari Wahlgren
Age 25
Height Tall
Eye color Blue-grey
Hair color Red
Home Germany
Weapon(s) Sabres
Special Arts Sword Arts
Element Fire Element fire


First Entry:
"A lieutenant in the German Imperial Army, she has been ordered by General Heimann, head of the garrison at Luxembourg, to capture the village of Domremy."

Second Entry:
"Former German army officer. After events in Domremy, she has joined up with Yuri and his companions and changed into one of Cornelia's hand-me-downs."


An officer in the German army and descendant of a long line of Bavarian nobility from Munich, Karin first encounters Yuri at the church in Domremy, when he saves her from an errant grenade. After accompanying Nicolai to obtain the Mistletoe and watching the ensuing events, Karin joins Yuri's side. She uses swords, especially rapiers, in battle and obtains Sword Art power-ups through the score of the Wagner opera Der Ring der Nibelungen. Karin doesn't really have a weakness or strength.


Fiercely independent and well-mannered, she harbors a crush and later deep love for Yuri, and sticks by him in any situation.


Karin wears a dark brown shirt with no sleeves held up by a black marble necklace circlet decorated with small silver sleeves. On her left arm is a dark brown glove starting at the middle in between her shoulder and elbow, and on her right arm is a gold bracelet in between her shoulder and elbow, and on both hands are large black and bronze bracelets. Her shirt hem also has a black belt hem attached shaped like a V. She has an orange and black skirt which goes up to the middle of her thighs, and on her legs are high heel black boots which can be tied by many strings by the side decorated with orange ribbons at the top which are two inches down from her skirt. She also has a steel sword hanging on a scabbard on her skirt.

Fighting StyleEdit

As proficient at using magic as well as her swords, Karin is a balanced fighter, but leans more towards physical attacks.

A very versatile character, she can have up to four strike areas on the Judgement Ring and deal fairly moderate damage as either an attacker or mage, or provide assistance as a support character.


Sword Arts

Sword Arts
Name MP Cost Description Image
  • Lv 1: 16MP
  • Lv 2: 32MP
  • Lv 3: 64MP
Karin leaps up into the air, and throws her sabre at her opponent, which explodes into a ring of fire. Heuervelk
  • Lv 1: 16MP
  • Lv 2: 32MP
  • Lv 3: 64MP
Karin charges her sabre with magic, and creates a fast-travelling column of fire which knocks down enemies in its path. Bullenfogel
  • Lv 1: 20MP
  • Lv 2: 36MP
  • Lv 3: 72 MP
Coating her sabre with flames, she repeatedly slashes at her opponent, leaving a trail of fire in the blade's wake. Geuschbenst
Sonnestark 88 MP Karin encircles herself with embers and flings a ball of flame from the tip of her sabre. The ball then etches a phoenix motif onto the ground, summoning a large flame in the shape of a phoenix to rise up and scorch enemies. Sonnestark


"Here I go!" (Crest Magic Attack)

"Give me power!" (Arc Crest)

"You're finished!" (Geuschbenst Level 1+2)

"Now, die!" (Geuschbenst Level 3)

"I summon you... Phoenix!" (Sonnenstark)

"Don't mess my clothes up." (victory)

"Don't underestimate me because I'm a woman."(victory)

"I can still fight." (victory)

"Keep your eyes where they belong." (victory)

"Maybe you just wanted to hold hands with the old man?" (before entering Yuri's heart to face Amon)



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  • There is an engraving on the gold plate of Karin's necklace which reads "Ducunt Volentem Fata Nolentem Trahunt", which roughly translates into "Fate leads the willing soul, but drags along the unwilling one."
  • Karin's Sword Arts did not translate well. The most likely intended titles are as follows: Feuerwerk (fireworks), Brennvögel (literally, "burn bird," possibly a Phoenix reference), Gespenst (ghost), and Sonnenstark (as strong as the sun).