Shadow Hearts
HP 100
MP 10
Element Water
Abilities Life Dew
EXP Gained 100
Cash 300

Bestiary InfoEdit

Monster that lives in the sewer. It swims around the sewer and crawls out to hunt for women. Its head makes a discordant noise when hit.


There are only a handful of these in the game, and they're all in fixed battles. You shouldn't have much trouble with them at all. Take these things out first when you encounter it in the Sewers, since they use a healing ability they will use on the Water Tiger when it's damaged.



The Kappa is based on the Japanese mythical water beast of the same name.

There are varying descriptions, but reccuring motifs include a beak, a turtle-like back or shell, and a hollow basin atop their head full of water. Should they be tricked into bowing, or otherwise lose the water from their head-basin, they will either die, or be rendered unconscious depending on the myth.

They are said to inhabit rivers and lakes, and attempt to lure people close to the waters edge to drag them under.

Mischievous, they are often portrayed as trickster figures and, with few exceptions, antagonistic to humans.

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