Joachim uses...anything he can find to attack his enemies with. Locations are given to where these items can be found, even though many of these are found in shops.



"A giant piece of lumber found in an alley."

Description: Five people had a hard time lifting this huge piece of lumber. It would take unimaginable strength to wield it as a weapon.

Found in: default weapon



"Found in the men's locker room at the wrestling ring."

Description: A locker unlucky enough to have been placed in the men's rather than the women's locker room at the wrestling ring.

Found in: Port of Southampton

Red MailboxEdit


"A red mailbox stuffed full of letters."

Description: A mailbox filled with letters between men on the battlefield and the loved ones left behind. A hit with this much emotion hurts worse than any sword.

Found in: Wales

Earthen PipeEdit


"An old, discarded clay sewer pipe."

Description: An old, discarded sewer pipe. Once used for sewage, then a shelter for cats from the rain and the elements. Now begins its new life as a bludgeon.

Found in: St. Margarite's Island

Frozen TunaEdit


"A tuna that decided to freeze itself solid."

Description: A tuna that suffered from an incurable disease and swam into a suspended-animation device to await the day it could be cured...

Found in: Petrograd

Giant PillarEdit

105-10 giantpillar

"A red-colored structural beam from a house."

Description: A structural beam from a destroyed Japanese house. The various nicks and dents in the red paint are reminders of gentler days.

Found in: Yokohama Warehouses

Emcee's DeskEdit

106-11 emceesdesk

"A weapon in the hands of a pro wrestler."

Description: The 19th-century wrestling sensation, Bill Yamagata, took out eight sumo wrestlers with this desk. Sturdy and flat--just like a bludgeon should be.

Found in: Nihonbashi

Clay IdolEdit

107-12 clayidol

"A giant clay idol excavated from an ancient tomb."

Description: Made by the followers of an ancient leader. Its sincerity and majesty remain evident to this very day.

Found in: Inugami Village

Dark TowerEdit

108-13 darktower

"A modern building passed down in the vampire family."

Description: A building passed down in the vampire family, just as the Demon Sword Tyrfing was. The little people inside work day and night and cause a huge ruckus.

Found in: given to Joachim by Peach Bat when revisiting Le Harve


109-14 nautilus

"A legendary submarine that has crossed the stars."

Description: A timeless vessel that continues its journey through the sea of the stars. A gentleman's agreement prevents its powerful weapons from being used.

Found in: after beating Neam Ruins, return to the last person of the Fort of Regrets. Nautilus will then appear on the beach of Cannes.