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Element earth Joachim Valentine
Joachim Valentine
Joachim Valentine
Game Shadow Hearts, Covenant and From The New World
Kana ヨアヒム・ヴァレンティーナ
Romaji Yoahimu Varentīna
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Paul St. Peter (as Francis C. Cole)
Age Over 400 years
Height Tall
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Laterality Right-handed
Home Blue Castle
Weapon(s) Whatever he can find...
Special Arts Muscle Arts, Joachythms
Element Earth Element earth

After briefly appearing in Shadow Hearts taunting his brother Keith, in Shadow Hearts: Covenant you find Joachim as the protector of the French town of Le Havre. Joachim is both a vampire and a trained wrestler who joins the party when he succeeds in defeating the mayor, who has been pestering Granny Lot for her tavern, the Seagull. A while after saving the inn, you meet Joachim's younger sister, Hilda, in her Peach Bat form.


"Trained as a pro-wrestler, this vampire is devoted to justice and has dedicated himself to aiding the weak and defenseless in society."


Joachim is from a vampire family that lives in Blue Castle near Bistriz, Romania. He has a younger brother(Keith) and sister(Hilda) and a grandfather is the grey bat in the third game.

Shadow Hearts: From The New WorldEdit

Joachim makes an apperance as an optional boss where he fights his sister Hildegard one-on-one.

In this fight he wears the "Great Question" mask he inherited from his master. Upon losing he gives this mask to his sister as proof of her victory, which she wears in battle whenever she is in "Curvy form."


Joachim is more the "superhero-type" since he looks heroic and more superheroic while grand papillon.

Fighting StyleEdit

Using powerful bludgeons and his mighty Muscle Arts, Joachim is capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage on his enemies, as well as draining their health to replenish his own.

With an attack boost he is able to equip up to five Hit Areas, along him to deal even more devesating amounts of damage.


He uses several forms to fight in battle, which change depending on his Joachythms. His regular form is most frequently seen; Invisible Form lowers his chance of being targeted; Golden Bat Form greatly raises his physical strength but eliminates his magic abilities, and his super-hero form, Grand Papillon (French for "Great Butterfly"), is a powered-up version of his regular form. Joachim is no doubt the physically-strongest person in the party.


Muscle Arts

Name MP Cost Description Image
Drain Touch 20 MP Using his innate vampiric abilities, Joachim is able to siphon off life from the enemy to himself. DraintouchJ
Grand Slam 36 MP The first wrestling move taught by his teacher in the game. Joachim bludgeons the opponent with his weapon and then knocks them out of the arena with a charged finisher. Image needed
Deathtron Hammer 72 MP The second wrestling move taught by his teacher. Joachim temporarily discards his weapon and becomes enveloped in a reddish aura. He then charges into the enemy shoulder first, repeatedly barraging them. Deathtrinhammer
Artem Buster 88 MP The final and ultimate wrestling move taught by his teacher. Joachim leaps up and lands on a wrestling pole, amidst fanfare and wearing a wrestler's cape. He rips off the cap and performs a 360 degree Splash onto his opponent, cratering the arena and resulting in massive Earth damage. Image needed


"Master... A man's road is a hard one."

"I want to drink your blood! Hah ha! Just Kidding!"

"A true hero never loses."

"In next week's episode: Grand Papillon goes shopping!"

"You want to see me? Face me in the ring!"


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