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Itsumade (以津真天)
SHCDC Sea of Woods Itsumade1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 542
MP 300
Location Sea of Woods
Element Wind
  • Special Attack Down
  • Arc Barrier
  • Gale Spike
  • Slash
EXP Gained 4400
Souls Gained 3
Cash 5
Drops Thera Extract

Creature found in Sea of Woods, in the Director's Cut edition of the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit


Rough Translation:
The soul of a footman that was killed in battle, and took on the appearance of a carrion fly.
Calling, "Itsumade...", it will attempt to curse you to a similar likeness; Stopping this will require some skill.
If you are looking at its hideous face, it will haunt you til your dying day.


The Itsumade has a rather minor mythology - it's a Japanese flaming bird-like creature, with a human face, snake-like body, and razor-sharp talons. It also feeds on the bodies of fallen soldiers, the souls of which it can transform into other Itsumade. It itself is born from a soul of a person who starved to death. It appears during times of plague, circling overhead crying, "Itsumade", meaning "How much longer [until you are dead]?".

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