Equipping this to a character's Physical Attack Ring induces odds of instantly defeating an enemy.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Embodies the implacable cruelty of the black crane, messenger of the god of death.

Number of levels: four

Instant Death 1 Location- Dropped by the Grail Gazer at the Neam Ruins.

Instant Death 2 Location- In the room where where a uniform is hanging at the Battleship Mikasa, can only be found while doing the treasure hunt quest.

Instant Death 3 Location- Dropped by Lobo from the Wolf Bout when faced at Immortal Mountain.

Instant Death 4 Location- Dropped by Lobo from the Wolf Bout at Forest of Wind.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit




This Ring Item embodies the cruelty of the evil bird Chemelkil who eats one's soul at the brink of death.

Number of levels: three

Instant Death 1 Location- Found in a chest behind a pillar on the second floor in the Chichen Itza.

Instant Death 2 Location- Dropped by Killer in Uyuni Salt Lake.

Instant Death 3 Location- Dropped by Q the Great in the He-Man Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

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