Nihonbashi Edit

A small part of the capital, frequented when Yuri and his friends need to regroup after certain events. The main area is the bridge. To the right is a park. This park has a few treasures, along with another wolf that Blanca can fight. To the left of the bridge is a wrestling ring, where Joachim can learn another Muscle Art from the Great Gama. Near the ring is yet another shop.

Enemies Edit

  • Koshoki
  • Shoki (boss)
  • Eleanor (Wolf Bout)
  • Great Gama

Azabu Kamiyashiki Edit

Headquarters of Minister Ishimura.

After beating this area, there is a lottery member that can be encountered hiding in the locker room.

Enemies Edit

  • Titanium Soldier
  • Mecha Lord (boss)

Hojo Research LabEdit

A one-time visit dungeon. It is introduced when the player plays as Ouka and the other Mutant Apes as the begin their training. Eventually, Yuri and his friends infiltrate the research lab to find Nicolai. After getting possessed by Astaroth, he vanishes, forcing Yuri to escape.

Enemies Edit

As Ouka

  • Hien
  • Raiden
  • Armored Fighter

As Yuri and others

  • Beetle Walker
  • Flying Drone X
  • Steel Soldier
  • Master Cylinder (boss)

Mukyo-An Edit


Residence of Naniwa and Yoshiko Kawashima.

If the player gets a certain amount or percentage of Perfect Rings in battle, Naniwa will give Yuri the accessory Extreme.