Ifrit - Djinn of Ashes

Mid Level fire fusion beast

Info Edit

Mid level spirit formed from a flaming soul and a fire demon. Its powers have been witnessed in many cultures under many different names.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Warming 32 MP Cures poison, paralysis, confusion, and petrification. Ifritmove1
Ignition 27 MP Raises Physical Attack by 30% to 36% for five turns. Ifritmove2
Blaze 36 MP Deals fire damage to all opponents. Ifritmove3

Etymology Edit


The Chief-Ifrit (black-skinned figure on the right), listens to his subordinate djinn.

An Ifrit (Arabic: عفاريت), Afrit, or Efreet are creature of Middle Eastern folklore, mentioned in the Qu'ran and the One Thousand and One Nights, and associated with fire. In Islam these jinns (origin of the word, Genie) are below the levels of angels and devils, but are very powerful and can be destructive - although they can be benevolent, they are said to be typically malicious in nature.

They are said to be created from the blood of a murder victim, and resemble ordinary humans - sometimes taking on the form of the murder victim, to enact revenge - but have a fiery appearance, and can emit flames from their mouths. They choose to live in the desolate wilderness, or caves.