Icarus - The Lofty One

Mid Level wind fusion beast

Info Edit

Formed from the lofty souls of the Harmonixer and a Bird Demon. The beat of its powerful wings are said to be felt even in the underworld.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Calm 18 MP Cures poison, paralysis, confusion, and petrification. Icarusmove1
Gale 27 MP Raises target's Agility by 30% to 36% for five turns. Icarusmove2
Lightning 36 MP Damages all enemies with lightning bolts. Icarusmove3

Etymology Edit


Daedalus watches Icarus fall from the skies.

Icarus is a figure from Greek mythology. Son of the architect Daedalus, the man who built the Cretan Labyrinth, he was imprisoned with his father in a tower to prevent them from revealing its secrets.

However, Daedalus used beeswax and seabird feathers to craft wings and escape the tower. Even though they succeeded, Icarus was so enthralled in his flight that he flew too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt. He fell in the Aegean sea and drowned.


  • Superficially, the head resembles that of the Devil, Griffon from the Devil May Cry series, also being made up of many parts of the birds.