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Hotoke Garan
Yama Garan
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 6980
MP 888
Location Dog Shrine
Element Dark
  • Attack
  • Mind Assault
  • Poison/Deadly Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Seal
  • Petrify
  • Special Attacks
  • Physical and Special Attack Down
  • Physical Defense Down
  • Slow and Delay
  • Evasion Down
  • Instant Death
EXP Gained 75,000
Souls Gained 300
Cash 50,000
Drops Oracle Earrings

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Bestiary Entry Edit

Garan energized with the power of a fifth-level Hotoke. Despite being half-transparent, he is easy recognizable by his characteristically creepy voice.


Hotoke is a word related to Buddism and has many serveral meanings but most are related to Buddism. They usually mean they have been enlighten or performing a buddist memorial service. But there is another meaning to this word which simply means a dead person; his or her soul, which could possibly be why those choose this name since Garan has past on.

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