Hilda's weapons are primarily wands, but when she becomes curvey Hilda, her wands turn into clubs.

Kind StarEdit

Kind star
"A magic cane that turns starlight into energy"


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: 1350

Sell: 675

Obtained: Default, Caribbean Pirate Fort


A magic baton that turns starlight into mass. Zap your enemies with the starlight power that shoots from the tip. When full, heavy enough for hand-to-hand combat.

Brave MoonEdit

Brave moon
"Cane that draws its power from the rabbit on the moon"


  • P-ATK: +13
  • S-ATK: +9

Cost: 2030

Sell: 1015

Obtained: Caribbean Pirate Fort torture prize (pick Hilda), Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro


A gift from the Moon King. The tip is charged with the bounding energy of little moon bunnies. One wave of the cane is enough to banish evil and ugliness entirely.

Sunshine of LoveEdit

Sunshine of love
"Magic cane that produces power from sunshine"


  • P-ATK: +31
  • S-ATK: +21

Cost: 3040

Sell: 1520

Obtained: Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro


Magic cane based on the sun. Converts UV rays to power for taking on bad guys. The more energy saved, the hotter the heat emitted, to a max heat of 6,000 degrees.

Trust HeartEdit

Trust heart
"'Magic stick using the power of innocent girls' hearts'"


  • P-ATK: +54
  • S-ATK: +36

Cost: 4560

Sell: 2280

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake


A miracle cane given to earth by Tripua, god of love. The trembling thought waves of young girls in love are turned into love power that pulverizes the bad guys.

Crystal HopeEdit

Crystal heart
"'Magic stick that turns wishes into energy and power'"


  • P-ATK: +66
  • S-ATK: +44

Cost: -

Sell: 3414

Obtained: The Gate


A magic baton bringing together hopeful hearts. There is no end to the miracles possible if everyone works together. Perfect for a heroine adored across the world.

Mag. Key HildingEdit

Mag key hilding
"Magic key of the Valentine family"


  • P-ATK: +78
  • S-ATK: +52

Cost: -

Sell: 5124

Obtained: After opening the gate, speak to a man in Chelsea, then head to the Erick Theatre and fight the Black Bat.


Key to the world of vampiric magic. Once had a proper name, but its owner prefers this one. Used as a magic wand, or also unlocks the key-hole to people’s souls.