Element wind Hien
SH-C - Hien1
Game Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Romaji Hien
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Kunihiro Kawamoto
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Bo Williams
Age 36
Height Tall
Eye color ?
Hair color Blue
Home Japan
Weapon(s) Tekite Blade
Special Arts Agility
Element Wind Element wind

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant


"Speak-No-Evil" of the Mutant Apes. His unearthly speed and razor-sharp tektie blade that can cut through steel make him an enemy to be feared."

Fighting StyleEdit

In the brief time that he and the other Mutant Apes are playable, he uses a unique blade to slice up his enemies at close range.

Support Fire
Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Anti-armor Bomb 50 MP Hien throws a grenade to deal heavy damage to enemies. Antiarmorbomb Antiarmorbombring

He and the other members of Ouka's team also have access to a unique combo: "Lightning Flash". He is fought three times over the course of the game:

  • Firstly by Ouka as a boss
  • Secondly by Yuri and his party as Fuujin
  • And finally, Kato later uses his soul to form the Kusanagi Sword.



  • Like his fellow Mutant Apes, Raiden and Ouka, he shares his name with a WWII-era Japanese fighter plane, the Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien. The name, Hien, itself refers to the Swallow bird, one of which is tattoed on Hien's combat suit.

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