Heavens fiend

Heaven's Fiend - Incarnation of Human Will

Low Level light fusion beast

Info Edit

Lesser spirit which is the incarnation of the human spirit. Uses the power of light as protection for allies and occasionaly fires arrows of light.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Sacred Remedy 18 MP Restore a small amount of HP to all allies. Hfiendmove1
Wall of Resistance 15 MP Raises Special Defense 15% to 18% for 5 turns. Hfiendmove2
Exorcist Arrow 20 MP Deals weak Light damage to an enemy. Hfiendmove3



A statuette of an Amanojaku

Heaven's Fiend's Japanese name, "Amanojaku (天邪鬼), is a reference to a creature of the same name found in Japanese mythology.

An Amanojaku is usually depicted as a kind of small oni, and is thought to be able to provoke a person's darkest desires and thus instigate them into perpetrating wicked deeds.