Shftnw mon 051
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 130
MP 94
Location Uyuni Salt Lake
Element Wind
  • Arc Gale
  • Entrance
  • Gale Vortex
  • Seal
  • Sp-Def Down
  • Evasion Down
Calories 2
EXP Gained 575
Souls Gained 1
Cash 130
Coins 1 Shrimp
Drops Talisman of Mercy (3%)

Enemy in Shadow Heart from the new world.


The form taken by an ancient shell creature that over the millennia has acquired magic. Normally hides away in its shell, but defends its territory fiercely.


Harukigenia is a mistranslation of Hallucigenia, an extinct genus of unusual sea creatures.

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