Happy Creeper
Shadow Hearts
HP 250
MP 360
Location Kowloon Fortress
Element Dark
  • Silence
  • Dark Messenger
Immunities Special Attacks
EXP Gained 450
Cash 600
Drops Pure Root

Bestiary InfoEdit

Dark entity of Kowloon. Rumored to be Wugui's creation, based on the three demons of Kowloon. It wears bondage clothes.



The Happy Creeper's infamous "protrusion"

The Happy Creepers are immune to skills. They can cause Silence, so you should first focus on the Speckled Creeper of the group. Happy Creepers are always with a Speckled Creeper and they use skills instead of regular attacks. While their skills are strong, their normal attacks are quite weak, balancing out with the Speckled Creeper.

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