Grace, Johnny, and Graham Garland

Johnny…? Did you die…? No, you can't…

Grace Garland is the sister of Johnny Garland. She died in a car accident before the game's events. As the heroes continue on their mission, they discover signs that something else has been at work around Grace's death.


Grace has snow white hair and green eyes. Little else is known of her, since she died at a young age.

Past LifeEdit

Grace Garland was Johnny's older sister. As young children they got along quiet well, playing pranks on their father and other games. She was also very protective of Johnny, taking the blame for all those childhood pranks. Johnny and Grace were both killed in the same car accident. Their father, distraught over their loss, teamed up with
Shadow hearts 3 conceptart ezL4l
Marlow Brown to restore his dear children to life with the Emigre Manuscript. Unfortunately Graham never finished the proper incantation due to his shock at Grace's resurrection, which left only Grace with the balance of Malice and Will to fully bring her to life. Upon reawakening, she sees her dead brother and recalls the accident. Ever the protective older sister, she sacrfices her Will to Johnny to fully resurrect him, leaving her a creature of Malice with no emotion or will, just instinct.


The Sacrfice03:06

The Sacrfice

Grace's Sacrifice


Grace seems to be a protective sister, taking blame for the pranks they pulled. She was carefree but gentle. Everyone speaks well of her, and how she was a good person.

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