Hiding-place of the founder of Sapientes Gladio, Jovis Abraham. It is located in the mountains of Turkey in the Ottoman Empire. The inhabitants of this valley are people who retreated into the wilderness to live a monastic lifestyle with Bishop Jovis. There is still a fear of the Ottomans finding out about them and flushing them out. This is why when Yuri and his friends visit Goreme Valley for the first time, they are met with hostility until Thomas Edward Lawrence clears things between them.



In front of the cave mouth at the end of the valley, there is yet another shop. Across from it stands Sarah, who gives Yuri Solomon's Trials. New trials appear after certain events, so the valley could become a frequent visit. Deeper into the cave, there are a few small rooms for the people of the valley. It is possible to find the Ring Soul here. One path leads to a kind of "balcony" overlooking the valley. At the end of the cave behind the door with the Sapientes Gladio crest, Yuri and his friends meet Bishop Jovis.