Golden Tinny
Shftnw mon 075
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 10000
MP 0
Location Rare/Curious Tales
Element None
Calories 0
Immunities Paralyze, Seal, Stone, Instant Death, Bloodloss, Slow, P-Attack Down, SP-Attack Down, P-Defense Down, SP-Defense Down, Evasion Down
EXP Gained 0
Souls Gained 0
Cash 0
Drops Nothing

Final pit fight enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Incredibly powerful and immune to nearly all attacks, it can only be poisoned, double poisoned, and put into apathy by ring attachments.

Bestiary EntryEdit

A 'golden' lion made out of plain tin plate. His big dream is to have his fur painted gold. Spends his days doing battle in the hope of winning prize money.

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