Golden Bat
ShI monsters 076
Shadow Hearts
HP 1500
MP ??
Location Blue Castle - Crypt
Element Earth
  • Instant Death
EXP Gained

Bestiary InfoEdit

Golden bat rumored to be the oldest brother of the other bats. He holds important information about the demon sword. His low blood pressure makes for miserable mornings.


Alright since Joachim is so prideful that he can win anything he will give 5 free turns to attack him will actually 6 since he gives you another free turn. First of all you can only use the attack command so the Coral Lariat will be the best recommened since Kieth's hit areas are so narrow. A couple attack raising equipment will also be good as well, and before you believe your doomed after the 6th turn you still have a chance that all his attacks will miss. Just keep hitting the areas and he will go down.

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