Gepetto equips strings for his beloved Corneilia to use.

Puppet ThreadEdit

Puppet thread

"Cotton thread for controlling a puppet."

Japanese Name: カタンスレッド (Katansuretto)


  • P-ATK: 9
  • S-ATK: 11

Cost: 680

Sell: 340

Obtained: Default


Cotton thread used for marionettes. Roughly spun and easily broken. Used by apprentice puppeteers to brush up their skills.

Silk TwineEdit

Silk twine

"Silken puppet-thread from the exotic Silk Road."

Japanese Name: シルクトワイン (Shiruku Towain)


  • P-ATK: 18
  • S-ATK: 22

Cost: 1020

Sell: 510

Obtained: Paris; Le Havre; Port of Southampton; Rhondda Mine; Florence


Silken puppet-thread imported via the famed Silk Road. Allows for very smooth puppet motion. Unsuited for masculine performances.

Kite StringEdit

Kite string

"Thread traditionally used for kites in the Far East."

Japanese Name: カイストリング (Kai Sutoringu)


  • P-ATK: 26
  • S-ATK: 35

Cost: 1530

Sell: 765

Obtained: Port of Southampton; Rhondda Mine; Florence; Wales; Cannes; St. Marguerite Island


Legendary in the Asian world of competitive kite-flying. Strong enough to withstand a storm, yet supple enough for fine control.

Piano WireEdit

Piano wire

"Piano wire, modified for use with puppets."

Japanese Name: ピアノストリング (Piano Sutoringu)


  • P-ATK: 38
  • S-ATK: 49

Cost: 2300

Sell: 1150

Obtained: Wales; Cannes; St. Marguerite Island; Petrograd; Gerome Valley


Became a standard among puppeteers after being introduced in the 1700s. Sturdy and perfect for traveling performances.



"Sturdy steel wire. Industrial grade."

Japanese Name: フィルメタルゼ (Firumetaruze)


  • P-ATK: 53
  • S-ATK: 66

Cost: 3440

Sell: 1720

Obtained: Petrograd; Gerome Valley; Idar Flamme


Industrial-strength wire, capable of supporting more than two tons. When stretched and plucked, it resonates like a chirping insect.

Copper FilamentEdit

Copper filament

"Copper-plated steel wire."

Japanese Name: フィルキュイブレ (Firukyuibure)


  • P-ATK: 72
  • S-ATK: 87

Cost: 5160

Sell: 2580

Obtained: Petrograd; Idar Flamme; Brick Warehouses; Yokohama Streets; Foreigner's Cemetary;


Copper-plated version of standard filament. So hard, it cannot be cut by any blade. Beloved by puppeteers as it is nearly invisible in low light.

Silver ThreadEdit

Silver thread

"Silver thread enchanted for protection from evil."

Japanese Name: 白銀の糸


  • P-ATK: 96
  • S-ATK: 113

Cost: 7750

Sell: 3875

Obtained: Brick Warehouses; Yokohama Streets; Foreigner's Cemetary; Nihonbashi; Forest of Wind


A thread spun from pure tallowsilver, a metal known to ward off evil spirits. If used as puppet string, it bestows emotions upon the puppet.

Halo ThreadEdit

Halo thread

"Golden thread infused with the spirit of a kindly monk."

Japanese Name: 光輪の糸


  • P-ATK: 126
  • S-ATK: 145

Cost: 11620

Sell: 5810

Obtained: Nihonbashi; Forest of Wind; Inugami Village;


A kindly monk unraveled his vestments to make this thread for the downtrodden. Even a century after his death, it retains a holy, enchanted glow.

Rainbow ThreadEdit

Rainbow thread

"Thread impregnated with tourmaline particles."

Japanese Name: 虹色の織糸


  • P-ATK: 163
  • S-ATK: 184

Cost: 17430

Sell: 8715

Obtained: Inugami Village


Spun from an amalgram of rare tourmaline ore, this thread reflects a rainbow of color. Has the power to bring even non-living puppets to life.



"Thread extruded from a supernatural spider."

Japanese Name: 黒蜘蛛の糸


  • P-ATK: 175
  • S-ATK: 197

Cost: -

Sell: 13070

Obtained: Asuka Stone Platform


Spun by a monstrous spider. Smells terrible, but the stronger the smell, the better the quality. Can entrap enemies.

Crimson ThreadEdit

Crimson thread

"A thread that connects the fates of two people."

Japanese Name: 赤い糸


  • P-ATK: 186
  • S-ATK: 211

Cost: -

Sell: 19610

Obtained: The Doll House


Legend says this thread links the fate of a star-crossed couple. Said to make the owner's deepest wish a reality.