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Gaudion - The soul of protection

Yuri's max level Earth fusion.

Info Edit

Earth God born from a pure, protecting soul. According to legend, all living things are nourished while he sleeps, and the earth quakes when he's roused.

SP consumption as Guadion: 5 SP per turn

Skills Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Shield 12MP Increases Physical Defense for one ally Yearth1
Crag 16MP Single-target Earth attack (anti-ground, high angle) Yearth2
Stand 26MP Temporarily grants no SP loss when in Resist Defense for all allies Yearth3
Thorn 32MP Medium-area Earth attack (high angle) Yearth6
Arc Shield 36MP Increases Physical Defense for all allies Yearth4
Howling 44MP Restores a small portion of SP for all allies Yearth5
Strike 64MP Large-area Earth damage attack Yearth7


Etymology Edit

Possibly derived from the the Latin word "gaudiō", meaning "joy" or "jubilation".

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