Garvoy valley
Located in the United States of America, roughly to the east of the Grand Canyon. It was a former home to a group of Native Americans.

Present only in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. The location contains only one area to explore, and is purely optional to visit as part of a side quest. Garvoy is the former village of Shania and Natan before it was destroyed by Lady.

In this area the player takes control of Shania. This area houses several important things to Shania's sidequest. If the player has received all the Fetish Statues and maxed them out then this area becomes open. Speak with Okanagan, the village elder from Moana Village, after maxing out the Fetishes. Okanagan will open the way to the valley.

For more, see Shania's Sidequest: Tirawa Hunt.

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